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I see the light – Our Wedding Song

We choose the song “I see the light” from the movie Tangled as our song. It’s the song I walked up the aisle too.All those days watching from the windows All those years outside...


Day 22: Hands


Blended Family Flower Bouquet

As we got married, and knew it wasn’t just us getting married, we dedicated a portion of the wedding to the joining of our families. We each held a flower, and put it together...


Random Photos – Toes

Also Day 18 of the 30 day photography challenge.


Wedding Table Decorations

We decided to go for plain white tableclothes, with our table name cards on them, and something to do with a candle. I headed down to the local $2 shop, and bought some stones,...


Wedding Photos – Arty Shots

After we got married (You can see getting ready shots here, and see ceremony photos here) we went to Musick Point to get photos done. As we had our engagement shots taken there, it...


Tutorial: Ring Bearer Pillow

You will need: Base material (mine is white satin) Contrasting material (mine is blue satin) Needle & thread Sewing machine (or you could hand sew) Rings 😉 How to make it: Cut the base...


Wedding Photos – Getting Ready

Here are some photos from the wedding day. These are the photos of us girls getting ready before the day. I don’t show faces in photos, so can only show a few. I made...


The Wedding Tree

I know this is an idea that’s been done before, and several times no doubt. But I’ve never been to a wedding that had one, and I think it’s a neat idea! Using the...