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I can shir!

I learnt a neat technique the other day 🙂 Shirring. If you haven’t tried it, you really should! I want to shir everything I can! Following this blog post I gave it a go! I took...


Upcycle 3 Tshirts into a 3 Tiered Skirt

Miss S had outgrown some tshirts, one of which was a very loved and much used but totally unthrowawayable Barbie tshirt. It was a struggle getting this one off her, and I knew that I...


Upcycle Vintage Sheet into Peg Apron

Using a vintage sheet, and my ‘eyecrometer’ I made myself a peg apron. I’ve wanted one for ages, but never saw one for sale anywhere.

C360_2011-09-20 12-15-01

My skirt-from-a-dress-and-a-tshirt Skirt

I took a dress that didn’t fit me, and an old tshirt. Then sewed it together 🙂 It looks really nice, and so comfy! Yay 🙂

C360_2011-09-12 15-36-39

Upcycle Pillowcase into a Full Circle Skirt

I found a video and used the basic instructions to make a skirt for Miss S. I also got some old tights, and stitched them in, so they are attached. She loves that, and asked if I...


Pillowcase Dress

Getting excited about how easy the skirts were, I decided there must be a pattern for a dress, and started looking. A few minutes later I found this video on youtube, and away I went. Miss...

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Pillowcase Skirt

I am so proud of myself. I pulled out my sewing machine, that’s been in storage now for several years (except a brief spat of making wheat bags), and decided I was going to...