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Flowergirl Dresses

We got some very plain flowergirl dresses, that had a plain jacket with them, and decided to do them up to match our colours. I took the plain jacket, and added some ribbon in...


An old dress becomes…

I took an old dress that didn’t fit anyone, and added some satin on the bottom (it’s the satin from my santa stockings LOL). Miss S loves it, so it was an awesome way to...


Master D’s Towel Wrap

Made Master D a towel wrap, using an old towel, and old pillowcase!  


More Boxer Briefs

Another upcycled set of boxer briefs, from old tshirts!  


Tutorial: Santa Stockings

What you’ll need: Fabric for the base of it (I used silky red) Fabric for the top of it (I used felt) Silky red and felt I choose a different one for each kid...

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Nancy’s Towel Wrap

Nancy’s towel wrap is made out of an old towel, and she picked some trim at Spotlight.


Purple Triangle Skirt

This was a very simple skirt to make. I measured Kimi around the waist, and ensured the pieces would fit around her. I cut out some triangles. And sewed them in. And added an elastic waist....


Sewing Boxer Briefs

My boy loves boxers, but they cost so much money. I saw a tutorial on Sew a Straight Line: Let’s celebrate with underwear!for making boxer briefs, and gave it a go. He loves them,...


Miss S’s Towel Wrap

Miss S’s towel wrap is made out of an old towel, and some cut offs that came out of the bin at Spotlight, they gave them to me free, as it was just a small piece....

K coverp

K’s Towel Wrap

Making another towel wrap, this one was for K! We went to Spotlight and she picked some trim, and we added a bow at the bottom. She wore it at school for the first...


Towel Wrap Tutorial

Finished Towel Wrap This idea came to life, because my kids have swimming at school. They walk from their class to the pool, holding their towel wrapped around them, while carrying their swimming bag....

new skirt

Another skirt

Using the same pattern for the ‘Upcycle 3 Tshirts into a 3 Tiered Skirt‘, I used 1 shirt, and 2 pajamas for this one! Saffron LOVES having skirts for kindy! And they’re so much...