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Last night in agony

Last night I spent all night in agony… my stomach was moving from side to side and I was almost crying most …


Another scan, fluid isn’t showing as any less. Things look ok. Just keep quiet for a few weeks and we should be …


Scan today. Baby measures about a week ahead. Fluid levels are good. Baby is head down.


Had a scan today! They confirmed sex for us. Baby moved lots! It kept hitting the probe away. Very cute to watch.


Had a scan! Baby moves heaps! Everything looks great, arms, legs, hands, feet, even the mouth opening and closing! I am having …

8w1d – Scan!

Scan today, baby Joey looks great, but is on the small side. Bouncing and moving around.


Scan! The heart looks normal, they clearly saw both hands, including all fingers, feet and toes, and the spine. He’s looking normal …


SCAN!! It’s a boy!! Things look good, however we do have to go back for another scan as they couldn’t see the heart, …


SCAN!!! Baby is doing well – was bouncing around like no ones business!!! Perfect size for it’s age. Daddy came too!

7w3d – After scan

Well i was pretty disappointed with how the scan was done. I’d been told by the midwife (well i rang and asked, …

7w3d – Scan Today

You wouldn’t believe how excited I am today. We get to see this little baby that’s growing inside of me. I am …