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Had a scan! Baby moves heaps! Everything looks great, arms, legs, hands, feet, even the mouth opening and closing! I am having …

Scary Fall

Tripped on a rug this morning, and ended up landing on my stomach against the edge of a table. I was fine …


Had a scan today, baby measures perfectly, exactly 13w2d!!


I can feel the baby moving, not kicks, but moving from side to side, i know where baby is in my belly.


I had another scan today, 11w2d by LMP. Was so pleased as the baby measures 11w!!! That is great news. It was …


Had the first scan today. A heart beating and measures 6w5d, so we’re doing well so far! I have to start asprin …


Another blood test today – 4932!!! Perfect!!! 🙂


Another blood test today hcg 632!


Another 2 positive tests this morning, so went in and got a blood test. HCG 102, i’m pregnant!!!!


15dpo, 5pm, and a + test! *shocked look*

8w1d – Scan!

Scan today, baby Joey looks great, but is on the small side. Bouncing and moving around.