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Who am I?

I sometimes often feel like I don’t know who I am anymore. I know who I was. I was a career woman. …

Breech vs Head Down

Just for interests sake: Yesterday 35w5d baby breech, and today 35w6d head down

Last night in agony

Last night I spent all night in agony… my stomach was moving from side to side and I was almost crying most …


Another scan, fluid isn’t showing as any less. Things look ok. Just keep quiet for a few weeks and we should be …


Back to hospital today, leaking clear fluid. Scan shows less fluid today then yesterday. Bit worried. Have to go back tomorrow to …


Scan today. Baby measures about a week ahead. Fluid levels are good. Baby is head down.

26w2d OB Appointment

Had an OB appointment today. Baby’s heartbeat is all good, and appears to be head down now! Growth seems on track for …


I saw the baby move from the outside for the first time today!


Daddy felt the baby move for the first time today 🙂 It kicked him a good one!

Tomorrow i would have been induced. It’s funny, I’m pregnant again, I feel like I’m supposed to be happy, but I’m sad. … → 16 December 2006


Had a scan today! They confirmed sex for us. Baby moved lots! It kept hitting the probe away. Very cute to watch.

Funny Physio Story

So i am with my obstetrician and tell her about my bad sciatica pain, so she refers me to a pregnancy physio. …