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Magnetic Fingernail Polish

I had seen the craze, and not really thought much more about it. Mr S suggested that I might like to try some. Here was my first go.


Random Photos – Flower

This beautiful flower was given to me by Mr S for Valentine’s Day. Such a surprise, and a beautiful gift. I love that man. Stolen from this blog.


The Wedding Tree

I know this is an idea that’s been done before, and several times no doubt. But I’ve never been to a wedding that had one, and I think it’s a neat idea! Using the...


Regret – The Pastors Version

We have been doing pre-marriage counseling with our Pastor. It’s been a great experience for us, and something I would highly recommend if you are getting married. It’s the whole ‘no suprises’ theme, making...


52 Reasons Why I Love You

What you’ll need: a deck of cards a printer, or paper to write on a hole punch a ribbon, or something to hold it together with. Glue (or scrapbooking sticky stuff) How to make...


Couch to 5K Preperation

Went for a walk today with the kids and Mr S around the Basin. Was a slow walk, as walks with kids tend to be, but made a lot of fun by playing ‘follow the leader’ over...


Tutorial: Christmas Tree Ornament

Declan, Saffron, Mr S and I had an awesome time making these ornaments. What you need: Snow Scissors Bluetack Christmas tree Glitter Ornament (see through plastic kind) How to make it: Cut some of the...