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Diddles fall off

I was struggling to open a glad wrapped sandwich, and asked Mr S for his assistance. While waiting, I was telling Missy a joke. “When babies are born, the doctors smack them, to make...

The Double Down

Gag worthy

I can see how most food is attractive. I often don’t like the smell, or the texture, or the taste… I can be very picky when it comes to food, but I can usually see...

The aftermath

Making a Volcano

We decided to make a volcano and watch it explode! We use the recipe from this site. What You Need 6 cups flour 2 cups salt 4 tablespoons cooking oil warm water plastic soda...

3D Movie

3D Movie – The Croods

Today we crossed another thing off my Bucket List. A 3D movie!! Mr S, Master D, Miss S and I all went off to the movies – another first, as I’ve never taken both...

Hand giraffe

Blank Canvas Masterpiece

Number 31 on my Bucket List is Buy a blank canvas, get together with a child, and make a masterpiece. For my birthday Mr S and the kids gave me canvas and paints. Miss...


A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend

Just finished today. Made from Alpaca – lovely to use! Free pattern.



Had a great day today, lots of walks. We went to Murphys bush reserve and had a picnic. We also went to the Pukekohe reserve. And then another walk along the boardwalk from the...


Boy’s Day Out

Today just Master D was with us. It was a neat time – it doesn’t often happen. We took him to the park this morning, and he rode his BMX bike. He can’t ride yet,...

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Ambulance Trip

Thursday night Master D had been a bit off. He seemed warm, and had a slight cough, Pamol, and Brufen, and he was asleep a little earlier than normal. I get woken up at 2am...