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Purple Triangle Skirt

This was a very simple skirt to make. I measured Kimi around the waist, and ensured the pieces would fit around her. I cut out some triangles. And sewed them in. And added an elastic waist....

K’s Towel Wrap

Making another towel wrap, this one was for K! We went to Spotlight and she picked some trim, and we added a bow at the bottom. She wore it at school for the first...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Here’s all the kids (and man) on the see-saw, trying to balance it properly and make it go up! Idea thanks to DailyPost

Tie Yourself In Knots!

We had games night the other night, and one of the games was Twister – the kids love that game! And we love laughing right along with them!

Pillowcase Skirt

I am so proud of myself. I pulled out my sewing machine, that’s been in storage now for several years (except a brief spat of making wheat bags), and decided I was going to...