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opinions aren't facts

Accepting the fat

Saying “I accept I’m fat” is not the same as saying that I’m giving up. Or that fat is good. It’s about acceptance. It’s saying I’m ok as I am. Fat acceptance is saying...


Week 1 Workout 1 C25K

Have finally got off my ass and started the C25K program again. First run http://runkeeper.com/user/Mummybrain/activity/116629640 Only 1.87km, but better than nothing!


Review: Bombay Beauty Parlour

Found at 57 Queens Road , Panmure , Auckland. Ph 527 3920 Having been to this place a few times now, I’m doing a review on it. It is run by 2 ladies, who are always friendly and polite. When you...


Couch to 5K Preperation

Went for a walk today with the kids and Mr S around the Basin. Was a slow walk, as walks with kids tend to be, but made a lot of fun by playing ‘follow the leader’ over...