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Berry Baby Hat

What an awesome pattern this one is! It’s free, and fun! Hat for sale here. 


Finished a hat for Miss S the other day – a hat with owls all the way around it. It’s a fantastic hat, and a surprisingly quick knit. It’s a free pattern.

Boyfriend hat

This has become one of my favourite patterns. It’s available free here. Hat for sale here.

Basic Baby Hat

Nice quick, simple pattern this one, but made a lovely babies hat. Free pattern available here. Hat available for purchase here.

A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend

Just finished today. Made from Alpaca – lovely to use! Free pattern.

Cashmere Silk Baby Cap

Made from 60% Silk, 35% Wool, 5% Cashmere. Measures 28cm not stretched.

Cupcake Hat


Knitted Bow Hat

Materials: 20g of 3 ply yarn 2 3/4 needles (2US) Yarn Needle Newborn Size Cast on 99 stitches. Ribbing Edge: Work 10 rows 2×2 rib. Body: Work in stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl...

It’s Hurricane Time

I finished another hat for Mum – the Hurricane Hat. It’s another free pattern.