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3D Movie

3D Movie – The Croods

Today we crossed another thing off my Bucket List. A 3D movie!! Mr S, Master D, Miss S and I all went off to the movies – another first, as I’ve never taken both...


M’s 13th Birthday

Well we are now the parents of a teenager! M is 13 today. Argh! I made her mittens and a scarf for her. She loves them. Pattern for the mittens and scarf.


Wedding Photos – Arty Shots

After we got married (You can see getting ready shots here, and see ceremony photos here) we went to Musick Point to get photos done. As we had our engagement shots taken there, it...


Wedding Photos – Getting Ready

Here are some photos from the wedding day. These are the photos of us girls getting ready before the day. I don’t show faces in photos, so can only show a few. I made...