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Had a great day today, lots of walks. We went to Murphys bush reserve and had a picnic. We also went to the Pukekohe reserve. And then another walk along the boardwalk from the...


Tutorial: Ping Pong Ball Christmas Decorations

Here is a neat, easy idea for making your own Christmas decorations. What you will need Pipecleaners Paint Brushes Hairpins Drawing pin Bowl of water (cleaning the brush) Ping pong balls How to  make...


Scavenger Hunt – But With A Twist!

Image Credit Set up a game for the kids to play last night as it was Games Night. It was like a scavenger hunt, but with a twist! I wrote out a secret list...


Tie Yourself In Knots!

We had games night the other night, and one of the games was Twister – the kids love that game! And we love laughing right along with them!


Spy Night

So last night I took some crepe paper, some silver ribbon, laser pointers, scissors and celloptape, and made our toy room into a laser trap, ready for spies to quietly work their way through,...

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Card-Making Night!

I set up a craft night tonight, getting coloured card out, and told the kids I was going to teach them a neat idea I’d seen. Within minutes of showing them the idea, they...


Moon Balloons

For Games Night last week, we played Moon Balloons. And gosh did we have fun! I got 15 glowsticks for only $2 from our local $2 Shop, and pack of a balloons for about...


Family Meeting

Wednesday night has become our Family Meeting night. At our scheduled meeting time, we sit down at the table, complete with hot drinks, and a ‘treat’. We take minutes, and have a chairperson, who...

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Sunday Roast

We try and have a roast dinner every Sunday night. After our custody times, and so forth, it’s a really nice chance to get together at the end of each weekend, and talk about...