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M’s 13th Birthday

Well we are now the parents of a teenager! M is 13 today. Argh! I made her mittens and a scarf for …

More mittens

Finished these mittens for N. Used this free pattern.

Mittens for M

Crocheted these mittens for M. Used this free pattern.

Mother’s Day Craft

Made Mum a Mother’s Day gift, a spa basket. And inside were some goodies.     These were all free patterns, and …

Soap Coats

I crocheted a whole set of soap coats for the family. They took very little time, and was a very simple pattern. …

Spiral Hotpad

I had fun crocheting this simple, but effective hotpad. Patter can be found here.

Girl Slippers

Finished Miss S’s slippers. Pink of course 🙂 Used the same pattern as I did for mine and Master D’s.

Boy Slippers

Finished Master D’s Transformer slippers. Used the same pattern as I did for mine.


I’ve always wanted to do the ‘ripple’, I’ve just never been able to master it! Well finally I got it! The pattern …