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M’s 13th Birthday

Well we are now the parents of a teenager! M is 13 today. Argh! I made her mittens and a scarf for her. She loves them. Pattern for the mittens and scarf.

More mittens

Finished these mittens for N. Used this free pattern.

Mittens for M

Crocheted these mittens for M. Used this free pattern.

Mother’s Day Craft

Made Mum a Mother’s Day gift, a spa basket. And inside were some goodies.     These were all free patterns, and can be found at the following links. The spa basket The flower...

Soap Coats

I crocheted a whole set of soap coats for the family. They took very little time, and was a very simple pattern.  

Spiral Hotpad

I had fun crocheting this simple, but effective hotpad. Patter can be found here.

Girl Slippers

Finished Miss S’s slippers. Pink of course 🙂 Used the same pattern as I did for mine and Master D’s.

Boy Slippers

Finished Master D’s Transformer slippers. Used the same pattern as I did for mine.

Slippers for me

Finished some slippers for me. Used this pattern.


I’ve always wanted to do the ‘ripple’, I’ve just never been able to master it! Well finally I got it! The pattern I used is here.