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Gift Bag


Cashmere Silk Baby Cap

Made from 60% Silk, 35% Wool, 5% Cashmere. Measures 28cm not stretched.

Cupcake Hat


Crocheted Cushion

I finished this cushion the other day – and love it! So only 4 more to go! Free pattern here.

Pillowcase Dress

Finished Saffron’s pillowcase dress. A crocheted dress, that felt like it took forever! But it’s a neat pattern, and I love the finished dress.

WIP Wednesday

Joining in with WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday. Working on a knitted dress for N. Working on a crocheted dress for Miss S.

Just Divine

Finished my ‘Divine Hat’ for Mum.   It’s a free crochet pattern, found here.

What a Turn Up!

I finished my ‘What A Turn Up’ hat. It’s a pattern I was testing. I will link when the pattern becomes available to the public.

Hat #1

First hat for Beanies for Babies. It was a free pattern, crochet hat, and crochet star.