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Couch To 5K


3.79km. Felt good. Can’t wait to go out again. Using C25K.

Week 1 Workout 1 C25K

Have finally got off my ass and started the C25K program again. First run Only 1.87km, but better than nothing!

Woohoo! Was nice to get back out in the fresh air again. 3.11km. 39.46mins. → 28 January 2012

Did a nice walk today 2.76km, with the kids geocaching. We tried to find a geocache, but just couldn’t find it! Bit disappointing, but the walk was still nice. → 11 January 2012

Couch to 5K Preperation

Went for a walk today with the kids and Mr S around the Basin. Was a slow walk, as walks with kids tend to be, …


3.13km Didn’t feel so great today, but don’t really know why. Meh, next time will be better 😛

20 mins!

My first run for May and oh what a run!!! I was terrified. According to the plan, I was now up to …

80 kms in 80 days – Day 55

Day 54: rest Day 55: 3.3km W4D1 0.7km on the treadmill