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Chris Spooner, Alana Whittaker-Forman, Carol Jenkins, Josephine Chen, Eric Fu make up the amazing team at Cafe Karma

Cafe Karma

The moment you walk in the door of Cafe Karma, you are greeted with a beaming smile, from one of the pleasant staff members. The owners Josephine and Eric, have done a great job...


Longkeeper Pukekohe

Looking for somewhere nice to go for a special family dinner, we drove through Pukekohe and noticed The Long Keeper.  A quick look at the menu online showed that it held something for everyone,...


Kitchenette – Highland Park

So we’ve been here a few times and it’s always nice. They have the best ginger slice,the people used to be really friendly, they seem to have changed more recently but still nice. They...


Pizza night with Black Box!

We received a black box, and in it there were these 2 things, Tegel Meal Maker, and Turkish Bread Pizza Bases. Putting them together only seemed obvious. So a chicken, cranberry etc pizza, and a pepperoni...


Just Hummus – Roasted kumara & butternut

A fantastically smooth, very tasty treat here – that even has the heart tick! This is a new flavour for us, roasted kumara and butternut. It didn’t appeal to me at all, but knowing...


Pom Grenade – Simply Squeezed Super Juice

Oh wow! Amazing flavour. Really refreshing. A sweet, but not too sweet juice made from apple, pomegranate, and aronia berries. For under $4 a bottle, this will remain in our fridge! 


Black Box NZ

Very excited! Our black box arrived, full of yummy stuff to try!! Thanks Black Box NZ !

BLAT - short for divine!

Service Review: Robin Cafè, Howick, Auckland

The hunt for a nice cafè nearby appears to be over. Robin cafè, next to Monterey Cinemas in Howick is fantastic. The moment we walked in the door we were sincerely welcomed with a...


Product Review: Capodcino

Many years ago I had an espresso machine. It was GREAT. I bought a grinder to go with it and a real home made coffee with fresh beans was always a treat. The hassle,...

Fresh baked bread with pesto

Service Review: Pavia Italian Restaurant

Being just down the road we thought we’d give this place a try. When we first walked in we thought that the service was pleasant but not as warm as we expected. After a...