Category: Crafts

Upcycling old crayons

The kids had a whole lot of crayons that were worn right down, and were so short could hardly be held any more. We took to them with a knife. And the kids had...

Making a Volcano

We decided to make a volcano and watch it explode! We use the recipe from this site. What You Need 6 cups flour 2 cups salt 4 tablespoons cooking oil warm water plastic soda...

Blank Canvas Masterpiece

Number 31 on my Bucket List is Buy a blank canvas, get together with a child, and make a masterpiece. For my birthday Mr S and the kids gave me canvas and paints. Miss...

Monster Mash

Finished this for Master D. Made up of scraps. It’s a great pattern, and I see more of these being made in my future!

Home made ice cream

Whilst looking up how to make ice cream at home, amongst the many sites with recipe’s for ice cream makers (which we don’t have) I found a suggestion that required no special equipment.  Most...

Berry Baby Hat

What an awesome pattern this one is! It’s free, and fun! Hat for sale here. 


Finished a hat for Miss S the other day – a hat with owls all the way around it. It’s a fantastic hat, and a surprisingly quick knit. It’s a free pattern.

Boyfriend hat

This has become one of my favourite patterns. It’s available free here. Hat for sale here.

Basic Baby Hat

Nice quick, simple pattern this one, but made a lovely babies hat. Free pattern available here. Hat available for purchase here.

Amazing No Gussett Fingerless Gloves

Just finished these gloves, really quick to make, and very comfy on. Used a lovely Alpaca yarn, that I also used for the hat I made the other day, to match. Awesome free pattern.