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“I’m my own Grandpa!”

Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three. I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be. This widow …

Baby Bib

Doing some knitting for a friend who is expecting a bub. Finished a bib. Neat pattern, and lovely yarn. Pattern found here …

I was rehearsing a play, and there was a scene that went on before me, then I had to come in the door. They rehearsed the scene, and one of the actors had thrown a chair at the other one. It landed right in front of the door where I came in. I opened the door and then rather lamely, I said to the producer who was sitting out in the stalls,’Well, look, I can’t get in. There’s a chair in my way.’ He said,’Well, use the difficulty.’ So I said ‘What do you mean, use the difficulty?’ He said ‘Well, if it’s a drama, pick it up and smash it. If it’s a comedy, fall over it.’ This was a line for me for life: Always use the difficulty.

→ 29 April 2015

Pizza night with Black Box!

We received a black box, and in it there were these 2 things, Tegel Meal Maker, and Turkish Bread Pizza Bases. Putting them together …

Zombie Apocolypse Playlist

1. First song is the overall theme for the apocolypse 24/7 in my 911 – Vengaboys 2. Second song is what plays …

Black Box NZ

Very excited! Our black box arrived, full of yummy stuff to try!! Thanks Black Box NZ !