Pizza night with Black Box!

We received a black box, and in it there were these 2 things, Tegel Meal Maker, and Turkish Bread Pizza Bases. Putting them together only seemed obvious.20150306_171727

So a chicken, cranberry etc pizza, and a pepperoni one 🙂

Wow. Just wow! Those pizza bases are the most beautiful, crisp, but not hard, firm enough to eat like a normal pizza (I was expecting it to sag as it was so thin). Really yummy. This is certainly our new pizza bases that we will be buying!

The Tegal Meal Makers are made from 100% New Zealand chicken and available in Sliced Smoked Chicken, Sliced Roast Chicken, and Shredded Roast Chicken. A really quick easy thing to use, as you can throw it on pizza, chuck it in a salad, mix it in your pasta – anything you want!