ANZ Sucks

So having been given some Bonus Bonds for the kids, I went to ANZ to get it put into their name.

After standing in queue for 20 minutes waiting to be served, a lovely young lady was finally free.

Placing the bonus bonds on the counter, I say that I’ve been given these, and need to show ID to get them put into their name. She hands me Bond Transfer forms and tells me that I need to get a signature from the person giving them to us. I say, that can’t be right, the form clearly states they have been purchased, and are to be put into this persons name.

After standing there for 20 minutes, with her on the phone calling the Bond centre 3 times – as she informs me, they don’t actually do Bonus Bonds, they do them for someone else – she tells me to come back on Monday.

I will never, repeat, never, step foot inside ANZ Sylvia Park again. What abysmal service.