Product Review: Capodcino

Many years ago I had an espresso machine. It was GREAT. I bought a grinder to go with it and a real home made coffee with fresh beans was always a treat.

The hassle, the cleaning etc though meant that it was very much a treat for when you wanted a coffee badly enough to be worth the hassle.

For my birthday this year I was given a Capodcino machine. You put a pod in and push a button, in a moment you have9421902404474 a real coffee with no mess.

Now real coffee is a treat I enjoy every day!

Some people talk about how expensive it is to run. Firstly, if you want to you can buy refillable pods that reduce the price to nearly the same as old fashioned espresso machines. However, the pods at countdown cost $6.49 for a box of ten. 65 cents for a no mess fresh real coffee doesn’t strike me as bad at all!

I would highly recommend this machine to anyone wanting real, no fuss, no mess coffee that is easy to enjoy whenever you want.

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