Service Review: Piccallilly, Howick, Auckland

Looking for a nice place to go for brunch we’d heard there was a really good café in Moore street. We weren’t sure if ThumbsDownthis was the place we’d heard good things of. I now suspect it wasn’t.

From the moment we walked in we knew we weren’t welcome. The lady who ‘greeted’ us was terse at best.

Still, we were hungry, so we ordered. The food was ok, nothing remarkable, nothing to make up for the attitude. The service was consistently bad. Then we saw another customer, a middle aged woman whose accent left us in no doubt that she was from the UK, walk in. She was warmly greeted and engaged in conversation. Our following dealings with staff were similarly terse, while the other lady and another similar customer who arrived after her were warmly served.

Basically, if you want mediocre food and you happen to be a middle aged woman from the UK, this place is for you. Otherwise, head down to the Fresh Coffee Company on Picton Street.