Service Review: Jacob’s Café, Howick, Auckland

Continuing our search for local brunch venues we wandered along Picton Street we spotted Jacob’s café.ok

We wandered in and ordered. The staff were terse from the outset. We ordered a cake each to eat while we awaited our main.

They plonked our cakes on the table with a single cake fork. I approached the counter to request another. Two of the staff were immersed in conversation with each other. They saw me waiting. I waited over a minute. Seeing the cutlery on the far side of the counter, sick of waiting I reached across and grabbed one and returned to my table.

Finally the mains came out, with a single knife and fork. I said “Could we have another knife and fork please?” The waitress answered ‘you already have one!’ and pointed to the cake fork I had grabbed. I explained that we needed a fork for our the main. She stormed off and returned and dumped a fork on the table.

Unfortunately, I have to admit the food was pretty good.

If you want reasonable food with a heaping helping of abuse then this place is fantastic.