Service Review: Dum Mast, Pakuranga, Auckland

We’d heard of Dum Mast since it was first started. The name had kind of put us off also we were quite impressed with Ginger and didn’t really need to find another good local Indian place.

We decided we’d give it a go.

From the moment we walked in the staff were friendly and inviting. The proud (I assume) owner lost no time sharing the secrets of his food. Less cream and more fresh produce seemed like a cliché. We ordered some typical favourites, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and some naan breads.

The food was really nice, with full, fresh flavours. While we were full when we left we didn’t have the normal bloated feeling you so often get with such food.

A week or two later we wanted a quite night at home and thought we’d get some food delivered. Normally I find takeaways to not be as good as dine in, yet the food was again delicious and did not leave us with that bloated feeling.

The catch now is trying to choose between our two favourites!

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2 Responses

  1. Manjit says:

    Hi There,
    Thanks for visiting us.
    About Name (Dum Mast) a few People told me that some people will not like the name but the name itself has a deep meaning and i wanted to share with each one (personally means a lot to my soul) but simply Dum = Breath of life (each breath) Mast = happy within, Choice etc. I dont think that any soul on planet does not want happiness in each breath.
    Secondly about food. As this is my first ever Restaurant and i am still learning ( and will keep learning) but at first stance my want is to share healthy and good quality food which gives us Tasty Tasty Taste and should be as good for our internal body system. I learnt only one thing being in NZ is to be Simple and as Natural as. Ever Since i started to realise this in my mind i started to become happier. So now i like to apply this formula of happiness in my business as well. And i want to bring my food to be the best in Taste and as healthy as.I have just started this food business journey and this is my Dream to share goodness through food as we all are facing too much junk food around us.
    I am no god, no great person, i will make many mistakes but the only thing i want to share is that i wish to god that i shall never ignore my mistakes but will try to learn instead. sharing , learning , Happiness are my goals and who ever wants to join us we will always make sure that we are travelling towards happiness and peace……..Thats it simply.

  2. Mr S says:

    We went to Dum Mast quite early (last?) Friday and found it wasn’t open yet so we went to Ginger (

    I know I said we had two favourites but after our experience at Ginger last time I don’t see us rushing back to Ginger.

    We arrived and the young lady serving us seemed distant, inattentive and nervous. Nothing like the friendly staff that we normally see at Ginger. She placed on our table the normal complimentary poppadoms, or at least I think that is what they were meant to be, they looked more like charcoal – actually black in places. She then hurried off. She was terse and seemed in a hurry as she took our order etc.

    We didn’t touch them and thought she is probably new, give her a break. Later the lady that normally serves us asked if everything was alright. We explained that the mains were good but that the poppadoms (which were still on our table un touched) were a bit burnt. I had expected her to apologise and offer to replace them, surely customer satisfaction vs two poppadoms (which must be less than 50c worth) is an easy choice right? Instead she said ‘sometimes that happens’ and walked off.

    If that had been our first visit, I don’t think we would have ordered. Burnt food on the table before you even order is not a good omen.

    I quite understand, not all staff can be instantly good.
    I quite understand, sometimes food burns.
    I do not understand how anyone looks at burnt food and decides that is worth serving.
    I do not understand how one decides repeat custom is worth less than 1% of that visits bill.

    I think next time we will just wait until Dum Mast opens – the difference is certainly worth the wait.