Recipe: Honey Mustard Cruskit Chicken

As is my way, this was adapted based on what I had in the kitchen.  The recipe I used as a base used pretzels, but I didn’t have any.


1c Cruskit crumbs (put them in a bag and sic a child with a rolling pin on ’em)

1c Break crumbs

1/2c Dijon Mustard

1/3c Honey

3T Red Wine Vinegar

1/2c Flour

1/2c Oil

1/4c Water

Veges (pretty much any thing you’d like – I used some leek, frozen peas, celery)

Seasoning for the veges (I used salt, pepper and parmesan)

Chicken breasts


Mix all the veges in a sauce pan and cook together with a little oil till warm through but not limp.

Mix the crumbs in a pan and toast

Mix the mustard, honey, vinegar, oil, water and salt and pepper (to taste) well

Sic the afore mentioned child with rolling pin on the chicken breasts, flatten them

Set up a dish with the flour, a dish with half your sauce and a dish with the crumb mix

Coat the chicken breasts one by one in the flour, then the sauce, then the crumb mix

Put the veges in the bottom of a casserole dish then put the chicken on a top and bake at 200C for around 20 minutes (till it’s cooked through)