I’m in the shower

The children are at school, the hubby is at work, the cat is fed. The house is suitably quiet. Ahhh…b89c3582aa469d49b36d184c95dbf600

I make my way into the bathroom, shut the door, turn the shower on, and watch the steam rising. Soon thereafter I am standing in the hot water, watching the water cascade to the plughole.

What was that noise?

I’m sure I heard something. I stand still, my breathing sounding so loud, as I prick my ears up, and turn my head in the direction of the sound. Is that someone coming up the stairs? OMG, I’m about to be murdered in my own home.

I get out, leaving the water running, and grab a towel. I open the door as quietly as I can,  and sneak out into the hallway. I look around cautiously, and realise I can’t see a damn thing, as I forgot to put my glasses on. I go back into the bathroom, and put my glasses on. They immediately steam up. I walk out into the hallway, glancing into the bedrooms as I pass, I finally make it to the stairwell. Every hair on my body is standing up, I hear a thump, and jump in the air. The cat darts past me, and runs down the stairs.

I laugh, gently, and make my way back to the shower. I get back in and warm up. Oh crap, what’s that noise? I know the cat isn’t upstairs, I just saw him run downstairs, so what’s making that noise?

I grab the wet, cold towel, and sneak back into the  hallway. I shiver, it’s damn cold out here. I check the bedrooms, and make my way back into the bathroom. But I’m still not settled. I grab my slipper, and holding it in my hand I creep back into the rooms, and check all the wardrobes.

I find nothing, of course. And chuckle at myself – what was I going to do, batter them to death with a slipper?