How to be a fat bitch

I discovered a blog, which is written by a ‘fat bitch’ (quote from her site – honest!) She runs a How to be a fat bitch course. I have decided I am going to join in.
So course 1 says

Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy.

This has taken a fair bit of thinking on my part. These aren’t things to change my life, or things for my Bucket List, but just simply things to make me happy.

  1. Make a short skirt. Wear it with tights and high heel boots. I love this look, but don’t do it, as it’s for skinny girls.
  2. Dye my hair. I keep wanting too – and putting it off. There’s always something else to do that should be done first.
  3. Get another job. I had a temp job for a while, and loved it – so keen to get back into another job. I do have an interview next week, so who knows, maybe that’s the job for me!
  4. Write a post about being fat. More importantly that ‘fat is not an insult‘.

At this point, I got stuck. I asked hubby for ideas. His suggestion “Seduce your husband and have wild sex, so that you feel all sexy.’ Love it – but kinda get the feeling that’s more for him than me 😉

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