Accepting the fat

opinions aren't factsSaying “I accept I’m fat” is not the same as saying that I’m giving up. Or that fat is good. It’s about acceptance. It’s saying I’m ok as I am.

Fat acceptance is saying that fat people are ok – as they are. Fat is simply a word to describe. It’s not got any negative connotations for me.

Health, is determined by many things, good and bad. Exercise. Food. Sleep. Alcohol. Drugs. Activities that you do, or are involved in. Mental health factors in there too of course. There are just so many ways that people can be deemed healthy or unhealthy.

In my past I’ve been told that I twist my knee, I need to lose weight. I have a car accident, and hurt my back, I need to lose weight. I have carpel tunnel, I need to lose weight. All these things have been overcome. And not by losing weight.

Recently I’ve been under the care of a dietician. I logged all foods I ate. My sugar levels. My exercise and activity levels. In the end, my diet was better than a heck of a lot of people. My exercise levels were good. She talked about each person having a weight that was their comfortable body weight, and how for some people that might be more than for others. She inspired me to keep eating right, and exercising, and playing with my kids. She urged me to start loving my body, and who I am.

I’m learning to accept the fat – and I’m a good person, and damn it – I don’t care what anyone else has to say.

Mrs K

Coke Zero addict, knitter, crocheter, fat, fabulous, fluffy mama.

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8 Responses

  1. CJ says:

    Good for you! I’ve found the more I accept myself, the more room I have in my life for things I’d rather be doing than constantly criticizing myself~ If you need support, check out The Association for Size Diversity And Health (ASDAH) at

  2. Liz Quilty says:

    Good on you! I agree wholeheartedly! I have regained a bit of weight, however im not worried about the weight, im worried about the eating crap foods, its got out of control for me, thats what im working as mostly. I already do a fair amount of exercise and eat normally, its the snacks and other garbage foods. the more i eat of them, the more i crave them!
    Currently being super strict about healthy eating to try and sort it out. I don’t care that im fat, i care that im eating unhealthy

  3. Mrs K says:

    I have been trying very hard to eat well, and exercise. I’m doing quite well. But it’s for me now, not for other’s who told me I needed to lose weight!

  4. Jenn says:

    Well said! I have been think this myself lately.

  5. Mrs K says:

    Thank you. It’s a work in progress.

  6. Vegemitevix says:

    Here here and bravo! I’ve been so many different sizes over my lifetime and interestingly some of my unhappiest times have been when I was thin. I know that for me if I go out and exercise and try to lose weight to achieve acceptable thinness I fail. If however I go out and exercise to become strong and I eat to celebrate the food I cook and love and how it’s nurturing my body, I win. In more ways than one. Vix x

  7. Mrs K says:

    I’m coming from a very different background – I’ve always been fat, as long as I can remember. I also remember always being told it wasn’t good enough. Sometimes we need to remember that everyone has different stories! Thank you for sharing yours xx

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