Volcano Climbing And Wishes Coming True

Tuesday was a holiday here. Hubby had said he wanted to plan a special day – an all day event for the kids and I. We were all excited. In fact, the night before I woke up several times, because I was too excited to sleep!

We got up, dressed, and followed the list of everything we had to pack. Knowing we were going out – but not where, was really exciting for all of us.

We get our backpacks on, and we leave the house. I am handed a heart, with a number written on it. Number 16. I struggle – I know it refers to my Bucket List, but I can’t remember which one it is!

We get to the bus stop, and wait, excited that we’re about to get on a bus! I haven’t been on one in several years. The bus pulls in, and we get on.

hol s k bus
Miss S and I on the bus

Our stop is the city, near Britomart. We grab our bags, and get off. I am handed another heart, with another number written on it. Number 19. Again, I can’t remember what it is! We follow Hubby to the ferry station.  I get excited! I think we’re heading over to Rangitoto – a volcanic island! We wait in line, kids and I chatting non-stop, we’re so excited! The name changes on the board, and it’s confirmed – we’re going to a volcano!!!!

The ferry trip over is wonderful, it was a tour ride, which meant that a man was telling us about all the neat points of interest as we passed.

We see Rangitoto in front of us, and with a slight bump, we’re bought into the dock. We debark. Wow. We’re on an island. With no shops. We wander around, and work out which path we’re going to take, as we check out map. And we start walking.

Master D, myself and Miss S
Master D, myself and Miss S

The scenery is just beautiful. Completely breathtaking. As we get higher, the view just gets better and better. This fantastic expanse of island, sea, the mainland, it’s all just so beautiful. We stop several times, to take in the views, snap some pics, and have sips of drink.

My little poser
My little poser

As we near the top, the view is simply breathtaking, and so is the walk! Lots of steps, and lots of encouragement is needed to get to the top. As we reach the crest, I am gobsmacked. It is just quite simply an amazing example of God’s work.

hol k d s
The view from the very top

We sit at the top, and eat our lunch. We’re all tired, but it’s been worth it.

After we head down – this is much easier going!

hol s d
Master D and Miss S in amongst the lovely fernery

We get back to the ferry area, and wait while the boat pulls in. We enjoy a nice cold drink as we head back to Auckland. We all think our day is over, it’s been a long one.

We get off the boat, and I am handed yet another heart! This one is number 18. Again – I don’t remember.

We make our way into the train, and hop on! This is just a day full of excitement!

We reach our stop, and hop off. And this time, Hubby has a surprise for Master D! Master D has always talked about a certain bridge, wanting to go over it. So we do – and as we get over the other side, we discover it was made in 2005, the same year as Master D was born! He now calls it ‘his bridge’. I found some lovely pictures of the bridge on this blog.

We get onto another bus, and make the final journey home.

It’s been a long day, and we’ll all sleep well.