Home made ice cream

Whilst looking up how to make ice cream at home, amongst the many sites with recipe’s for ice cream makers (which we don’t have) I found a suggestion that required no special equipment.  Most are really specific but I’ll just explain what we did.

1c Cream

1c milk

2T sugar


plenty of ice

Small zip lock bags

Bigger zip lock bags

Some flavours, colours etc.

Mix cream, milk and sugar.  Give the each person a small bag and share out the mix.  Each person adds flavours and colours to their mix.  Seal the bags.  Give each person a larger bag and put salt, the small bag and plenty of ice in it.  Seal the bag, shake for a while (around 5 minutes) then eat right out of the bag!

Yellow, brandy, hazelnut icecream
Yellow, brandy, hazelnut icecream

Flavours can be anything, we had some essences (vanilla, peppermint, brandy), some food colouring, some chopped toasted hazel nuts and some chocolate chips.