The Runaway Smurf

3p617vThe continuation of the Smurf saga

One morning the Smurfs were getting ready for school, as usual, when Tween Smurf decided she was going to be bitchier than normal.

Tween Smurf was at the top of the stairs, and Boy Smurf was just starting to head down them.


Boy Smurf went hurtling down the stairs. Tween Smurf looked at me, and slowly smiled.

I went racing to Boy Smurf, picked him up and cuddled him, all the while Tween Smurf saying how he was a baby.

I finished calming Boy Smurf down and thought about what I was going to do. Clearly this behaviour was not acceptable in my house.

I told Tween Smurf to get her school bag, and that it was time to leave. I went to the front door with her. Letting Tween Smurf out, I stood at the door, and calmly told  Tween Smurf that if she was going to carry on having an attitude problem, to not bother coming home. I shut the door.

That afternoon I saw Tween Smurf walking home with another smurf. After Tween Smurf was half an hour late home, I contacted Father Smurf and let him know. Father Smurf rang back not long after, saying he’d just had an email from Bitchy Smurf saying that Tween Smurf had emailed her, and asked her to pick her up from school, that I had kicked her out.