Review: Highscore House

A list of chores for the kids to do, and the kids tick them off when they do it. It’s been done for years. But Highscore House changes all this! It’s like an online game, so they do the jobs in real life, in order to earn rewards.

As they tick them off, on either iPad or the computer, they get a star, and a cool noise. It’s amazing how much they like that noise!

When they’ve saved their stars, they can ‘buy’ rewards using them. These rewards are all set by the parents, so can be whatever you choose! We have ones ranging from a $1 lolly bag from the local dairy, to the right to chose the movie, when we have a family movie night!

It works really well for parents as well, you can log in, and give a child a bonus if they have been doing something special to help out. And of course change the jobs if you wish.

We have used this program for children aged 4 – 13, and it worked well for all of them, and I think we’ll be using it for many years yet! It’s free, and easy to use.

Check it out for yourself, totally free! Highscore House