Product Review: Ginger Pye

I received a reusable sandwich wrap to try out, and do a review on.

They are made from cotton or cotton blend fabric, strong plastic lining and velcro tabs for fastening.

We received one to test, and have used it several times. The sandwiches are always still fresh at lunchtime, and so easy to clean afterwards, simply wipe them down, and put them away – you can even throw them in the machine if you need too.

They are well made, being used by kids, and surviving day after day is an awesome way to test them! It looks just as good as the day we first opened the package!

Ginger Pye is a small business run by 2 mums, based in Dunedin. They sell online And are on Facebook:



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3 Responses

  1. bapsi says:

    i really love the cute fabric patterns ginger pye offers!
    nice to see that you like them too. i think i’ve come across similar things while browsing etsy, and have been thinking about getting one.

  2. Mrs K says:

    They are certainly worth it – keeps the food much fresher – as well as looking prettier 😉

  3. Thanks for your lovely review, Mrs K – just came across it now! It’s always great to hear genuine reviews from people who aren’t related to us 🙂