Ambulance Trip

Thursday night Master D had been a bit off. He seemed warm, and had a slight cough, Pamol, and Brufen, and he was asleep a little earlier than normal.

I get woken up at 2am with coughing non-stop, and it was that horrible barking seal cough. Crap – croup. He’d had it a few years ago.

Wrapping him up in a blanket, I take him outside into the cold air. After 10 mins or so, it doesn’t help. I head back inside, and the hot water in the shower soon steams up the room. He is calm, but really struggling to take a breath, and starts to panic, that he can’t draw breath properly.

Knowing that we have 3 other kids in the house, and that I’d have to drive him on my own, I get Mr S to call the ambulance. They are there shortly afterwards, and are quite worried about him, and start preparing the adrenalin to give him. They wait a few minutes and decide to transport him to hospital. He’s quite excited about this idea.

We get into the ambulance, wave goodbye to Mr S, and we’re on our way to hospital.

After arriving, he is given oral steroids, and monitored, as he’s very warm. After another 15 mins, his temp has gone up even further, and they strip him off, and give him an iceblock. 15 mins later, and his temp is still going up. They are getting pretty concerned about him now. Finally his temp drops, and he’s exhausted, and falls asleep in the bed.

I sit and watch my baby. I realise just how much I love him.

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