Pattern: Grandma’s TV Slippers

Grandma used to make these slippers for me, I remember her making them, and I remember just how comfy they were. I now make them for my children, who love them as much as I did! I didn’t want this pattern to get lost.


2 balls double knit knitted together on size 6 (4mm) needles

Child: Shoe size 10-2
Woman: Shoe size 2-7
Men: Shoe size 8-12


Commence at centre heel. Cast on 25 (33, 37) stitches.

1st row K (right/ridge side)

2nd row K9 (11, 12), P1, K5 (9, 11), P1, K9 (11, 12) (wrong/non-ridge side)

Repeat these 2 rows until work is up to slightly more than Β½ (by instep).

K2, then P1, K1 until 2 stitches remain and K2. (On right/ridge side)
K3, then P1, K1 until 2 stitches remain and K2. (on wrong/non-ridge side)

Continue in rib until slipper measures desired length.

Break wool, thread through loops and draw up very tightly. Sew toe firmly. Sew up front seams to last row of garter stitch portion.

Join back seams drawing up seam slightly at base of heel.

16 thoughts on “Pattern: Grandma’s TV Slippers

  1. I love all your mittens they are so cute. And I didn’t realise there was a list of blended family blogs I might go check them out. Also left you a reply on my blog thanks for visiting xx

  2. I am really having a problem with the back seam. I don’t know just how to sew it up.
    The directions are vague and I don’t understand this part of it.

  3. When you say “Repeat these 2 rows until work is up to slightly more than Β½ (by instep)”, do you mean slightly more than half the length of finished slipper?

    Could you please give me an idea of what kind of measurement this would be for each side?

    Thanks so much, am hoping to make a bunch of these for Christmas pressies πŸ™‚

  4. I am an beginner and I don’t understand what to do at the end. do you cast off the sticthes or what do you do???I am at the end pattern said break the wool what do you do??? I have no one to help me! Please someone HELP ME?????? Thanks Shar

    • Break the wool, about an arm’s length should do. Thread through all the stitches on your needle – then take needle out. Pull tight – really tight – this makes the toe area. πŸ™‚ Then sew up. How far up depends really on what is comfy for you, I do it up to where the pattern changes.

    • It sure is. It really does seem these days that the ‘good old things’ seem to get lost in thois digital world! We just have to make the digital world work for us!!

  5. I have been looking for a simple slipper pattern for ages and didn’t want one on circular needles as I seem to struggle to work with them. These look like exactly what I want and I shall be starting them as soon as I can.

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