Pattern: Grandma’s TV Slippers

Grandma used to make these slippers for me, I remember her making them, and I remember just how comfy they were. I now make them for my children, who love them as much as I did! I didn’t want this pattern to get lost.


2 balls double knit knitted together on size 6 (4mm) needles

Child: Shoe size 10-2
Woman: Shoe size 2-7
Men: Shoe size 8-12


Commence at centre heel. Cast on 25 (33, 37) stitches.

1st row K (right/ridge side)

2nd row K9 (11, 12), P1, K5 (9, 11), P1, K9 (11, 12) (wrong/non-ridge side)

Repeat these 2 rows until work is up to slightly more than ½ (by instep).

K2, then P1, K1 until 2 stitches remain and K2. (On right/ridge side)
K3, then P1, K1 until 2 stitches remain and K2. (on wrong/non-ridge side)

Continue in rib until slipper measures desired length.

Break wool, thread through loops and draw up very tightly. Sew toe firmly. Sew up front seams to last row of garter stitch portion.

Join back seams drawing up seam slightly at base of heel.

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