Friendships – How easily do you let go?

I lost gave up a lot of friends after my ex and I broke up. I thought of it back then as ‘losing’ them, as if they were something I wanted to keep. In reality, I am much better off without them, and much happier. It did take me a while to see this.

They made a choice, I made a choice, we didn’t met in the middle.

‘When you sign your divorce papers there should be in big bold letters something along the lines of…’I now divorce my husband.  As well as 50% of my friends who actually where his friends wives/girlfriends, 24% of my friends who don’t agree with the divorce, 24% who don’t know what to say and think silence might be the best answer. I shall now carry on my life picking up the pieces with the remaining 2% of my friends who actually are my friends.’ Quote from here.

So how easily do I let go? I find it hard, I don’t want to lose friendships, but I don’t want to lose myself even more.

Idea thanks to this blog.