Book Review: The Swiss Cheese Theory of life

Judy Belmont writes: “The book is written by myself and another psychotherapist and we each have over 30 years of experience so that it is full of information delivered in a very whimsical way.”

This book is written in a simple to read format, with bright colours, and cheerful characters to make the way easy, while at the same time, providing enough thought provoking ideas to make sense!

It is a fun book to read, providing real day-to-day issues that we may have, and suggesting ways to take it ‘one slice at a time’.

The cheese metaphor is used throughout the book, in a fun way, making it easy to take in good information quickly.

  • Life has holes in it, but we don’t criticise cheese for having holes. Holes make the cheese what it is.
  • Fondue can never turn back into a block of cheese. Give up the habit of looking back with regret.

Psychotherapists and wellness speakers Judy Belmont and co-author Lora Shor offer videos, self-tests, and book information on their website,, where you can download the first two chapters of their book.

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