Packhorse Mum

I pick up the kids from school each day, and watch each day as I see what I call Packhorse Mum’s.

These are the mum’s who pick up their Little John-Boy and Suzy from school, and their poor little bitsi-woos are soooo tired, that they carry their school bags for them. So you see this mum, struggling with 2 school bags, a handbag, a cellphone, 2 little hands, all the while smiling about what marvelous parents they are.

I’m a mean mum. They all carry their own bags. I’m not gonna carry 5 bags! I make sure they only carry what they need, so that they can carry their own bags.

I always smile when I see the Packhorse Mum’s, as they are smiling so smugly about how wonderful they are, I smile back, thinking about who’s the cleverest.