Guest Post: Tork, Tork and more Tork

Tork is a dad that is fighting growing up whilst talking about his life as a father.  Sometimes things goes right in his life, sometimes things go wrong.  His dad jokes are terrible, but they are always there through the good and the bad, and you can’t help but laugh at them. You can read more at his dad blog.

Why is the term Mummybrain often referred to as a mother being forgetful?  If you ask me, mummybrain doesn’t exist, it’s daddybrain that’s the event that is constantly occurring. Well, at least in my household.

As a new father, I am learning as we go along on what’s needed to raise a child. The food he eats, the toys suitable to play with, the allowed age my boy can be to take out on the piss.  These are things you learn as a new parent 😉

My wife though does not miss a beat. Her knowledge on everything from age of when to first give solids, or when to start looking for schools, as just a couple of examples, it often amazes me. I have trouble remembering what clothes size he is.  My wife is a gun.  It’s as if she was born for it.

I’ve put our boy to bed a few times forgetting to change his nappy.  You know how annoying it is when you get a kid to sleep to only have to wake him again? Bah! Stupid daddybrain.

You won’t find my wife doing that. Mummybrain doesn’t exist in our house. Without the reminders set in my phone’s calendar, I’d forget the rubbish to be put out, the washing to be done…

Thank god for technology.

But thank god for parenting books and mother’s groups.  My wife has a few books that she has read.  The most useful has been all about food. This is why she never has mummybrain, she reads up and learns heaps.  Amazing that she doesn’t forget it, but what am I saying.  Women never forget anything! I am often reminded about the time I got her to pick me and the boys up after a few too many drinks out on the town, and about how rowdy we were. Still trying to live our drunken behaviour down!

So it’s very strange how mum’s are often referred to as having mummybrain, where they rarely forget anything.  Daddybrain is much more prevalent.

I do like the term though, mummybrain.  It’s a game I play when I forget to do something, I say to my wife “weren’t you supposed to do that?”  “No.. that was your job husband!!” she yells with a stern look.

“Hmm, I think you’ve just got mummybrain again dear” and the game starts of my trying to dodge items thrown towards my noggin’.  It’s a good fitness idea. I recommend it highly, but sparingly! 🙂

So what are some things your kid’s dad forgets all the time? Or is it just me that has selective memory, especially when it’s time to get the housework done?


– tork