A normal day before breakfast

A typical morning in my house. Here goes:

Hear noises from Master D’s room, and get up and tell him to be quiet.

Go to the toilet on way back.

Go back to semi-sleep.

Get woken up by Mr S‘s alarm.

Struggle to stay awake to ensure he gets out of bed.

Get him out of bed.

Go back to semi-sleep.

Awake 5 mins later to the trit-trot of little feet, Miss S coming to the side of my bed to ‘see if I’m awake yet’.

Hear M banging around in the kitchen, it’s her job to do the dishwasher.

Alarm goes off.

Get up.

Turn light on in K and N’s room, telling them it’s time to get dressed.

Go into Master D and Miss S’s room, and watch as Master D bounces out of bed, already dressed, complimenting him on being up at 6am to do so, but next time could he try not to wake me.

Help Miss S dressed.

Tell K and N to get dressed.

Go downstairs.

Put a load of washing on.

Empty cat’s litter tray.

Yell upstairs to K and N to get dressed.

Wash hands.

Go upstairs.

Go into K and N’s room and tell them off for not being dressed.

Prepare kids breakfast.

Tell K to do her hair.

Make lunches.

Tell N to put socks on.

Feed cat.

Stack dishwasher.

Tell kids it’s time to get shoes on and go.

Help Miss S with her shoes.

Ensure kids have lunchboxes, notes, permission slips, homework etc in their bags.

Open front door.

Let kids out, one by one, ensuring they have bags, shoes, dressed, lunchboxes etc.

Make sure M hasn’t left anything behind.

Lock front door.

Unlock car.

Get kids in their seats.

Get in car.

Wait til everyone has their belts on.

Start car.

Listen to M telling me that she’s left something inside.

Turn car off.

Get out of car.

Unlock front door.

Stand at front door while M races off and gets whatever-it-is that she’s forgotten.

Lock front door.

Get in car.

Turn car on.

Drive M to her school.

Drive Master D, N and K to their school.

Drive Miss S to her kindy.

Drive home.

Turn car off and take a deep breath.

Breakfast time now.