Underage Facebook User

So many of us have children. And many of us have Facebook. How many of our underage children have Facebook?

M is 12, and has Facebook. Originially she has signed up at her mother’s, using a fake name, but real things such as school name, and photos. When we found out, we showed her how we could have tracked her down using Facebook, without even being her friend! She agreed that it was silly to have it set up like that.

We helped her set up a real account, real name, but NO details at all, no school details, nothing that could actually be tracked down. She is now aware of the importance of this aspect of things, something her mother hadn’t talked to her about!

We have certain times she’s allowed on, and she asks before she befriends anyone, the deal is she must know them in real life.

Do you let your underage have an account, and why? What are your rules surrounding it?

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