Theme Song

Are you one of those people like me, that when someone walks into a room, you can just imagine their theme song playing?

I know a man, who thinks he’s decidedly sexy. Every time he enters the room, I hear that song by Rod Stewart, If you think I’m sexy.

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy
Come on, sugar, let me know

There’s a grandma at school, and she drives this wicked looking car, it’s the old Beach Boys hit, The little old lady from Pasadena

Go granny, go granny, go granny go

Honestly, it’s like my life is a musical, I go to a food court and wonder why everyone isn’t up on their tables dancing and singing like in High School Musical (yes, I love that movie I watch it just cos the kids like it).

I don’t think your theme song has to be perfectly accurate, I mean I haven’t heard a hit ‘fat, ugly, mum and wannabe blogger’ 😉

So do you have a theme song?

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