Screenshot with Mac OX

This is something I want to do every now and again, and every time I have to fluff around trying different combos til I get it right. I figured I’d do a post to help me, and any others who want to know/remember how to do it.

  • If you press Command-Shift-3 together, it will copy your whole screen as a PNG file, and saves it on your desktop. It also saves it time stamped. I’ve found this so useful.
  • If you press Command-Control-Shift-3 together, it copies it to your clipboard, so you can paste it into a document, or program.
  • If you press Command-Shift-4 together, it will come up with a cross curser, and you can click and drag the area that you want to copy. It will save it to your desktop as a PNG file, and again date stamped.
  • If you press Command-Control-Shift-4¬†together, it will do as above, but copy it to your clipboard instead.

Hope those instructions make sense!