How do you discipline your child when they misbehave?

We have the same method for each younger child, it is much easier this way.

If a child is asked to do something, they are expected to do it, without being asked again. If they don’t, sit on the naughty step for 1 min per year they are (Saffron is 4, so 4 mins etc). We set a timer for them, and once it goes off, it’s back to normal life again.

Mae is a little different. We expect her to know the consequences of her actions, so if she doesn’t do something she goes to bed 15 mins early. She knows, and understand this. Because we often do things at night time, such as Family Meetings, Game Nights, Movie Nights, she doesn’t want to miss out, this is a huge deterrent to do as she is told.

Not long after we implemented this (we have been doing it for a couple of months now), Mae decided to test us. She ended up in bed at 4.30pm, after an early dinner. It was a lesson for her, and she knows that we mean what we say now.

If a child is having a ‘bad moment’, snapping at us, or being grumpy at other members of the family, they will be asked to go to their room, and come back when they are ready to be with us again.
If they come back and they are still naughty, they will be told to go back to their room, and stay there until we tell them to come back. In 5 mins, we ask them if they would like to join us again.
This technique is from the book Of Course I Love You… Now go to Your Room by Diane Levy, and it works really well for our family.

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