Book Review: Killerbyte by Cat Connor

An amazingly fast-paced thriller, with an, um, ‘quirky’ lead character, this book kept me on my toes the whole time. I was barely able to to tear myself away to eat dinner.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this book at night time, it was so hard to put it down, I just wanted to find out who did it!! I talked about the characters as if they were people I knew, that’s how I know a book has really got to me. I can’t wait to find anything else that Cat has written to read!

You can read a sample chapter here.

Book description from Amazon:

Ellie Conway is an FBI agent who works serial crime cases. As a hobby, she runs an internet poetry chat room. When someone tries to kill her, it soon becomes obvious it’s linked to her after-hours pursuits on cyberspace. Matters become complicated when her assailant turns up dead in the trunk of her car. As the chat room’s patrons starts dropping like flies, she realizes there is something far deeper going on than first thought. Despite an abundance of crime scenes, no evidence can be found to identify a motive or perpetrator. The death toll rises and eventually includes her best friend and her own mother, before a chance remark from twelve years prior surfaces to provide the first real clue, which unravels the killer’s twisted goals.
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