A Phone Call From Bitchy Smurf

And the continued saga of the Smurfs.

This morning Tween Smurf got a phone call from Bitchy Smurf.

She spent a long time bitching about Father Smurf and Mother Smurf. She told Tween Smurf that “she didn’t want to play the mind games that Father Smurf and Mother Smurf play’.

Bitchy Smurf often pays for the school stationery, as their birth-smurf, Selfish Smurf, doesn’t pay for anything. As such, not wanting to double up, Father Smurf had emailed Bitchy Smurf asking if she would be getting the stationery this year. Bitchy Smurf said to Tween Smurf on the phone ‘that it was rude that they could afford an iPad and then ask her for money.’ Poor Tween Smurf knows this isn’t how it is, yet has to listen to Bitchy Smurf say things like this.

Then, in response to last week, she told Tween Smurf she expects them to be sitting outside waiting when she picks them up. Silly Bitchy Smurf. Father and Mother Smurf are not the sort of parents who would leave their Smurfs waiting outside.

She then asks Tween Smurf to ask if she can pick the Smurfs up early on the coming custody period. They are of course in the care of Mother Smurf. Seriously. After complaining to Tween Smurf and making her feel horrible. After coming over and attacking Mother Smurf last time.

Tween Smurf feels torn between her families, due to Bitchy Smurf attempting to relay messages and so forth through her.

Poor Tween Smurf. Lots of extra cuddles needed today for her.