Towel Wrap Tutorial

Finished Towel Wrap

This idea came to life, because my kids have swimming at school. They walk from their class to the pool, holding their towel wrapped around them, while carrying their swimming bag. They’ve all complained about it. So adding a bit of velcro and elastic seemed a perfect solution.

What you’ll need:

  • An old towel (or new if you prefer, I found this a great way to revamp those old towels!)
  • Thread (matching or contrasting, up to you!)
  • Trim (this could be ribbion, I’ve used a sheet in this one, but any other material really)
  • Velrco
  • Elastic

How to make it:

1. First step is to take your old towel. Wrap it around the person you want it to fit, and make sure it overlaps at the front. I tend to make this a large overlap, so even as they grow, it will fit them for a while.

2. Cut the ends off that towel, so the size you’ve measured.

3. Hem the ends that you’ve just cut. Just fold over and sew down, I use a zig-zag stitch, and as it’s towelling, it’s very forgiving!

4. Fold the top of the towel down, about 8cm (about 3 inches).

5. Then about 5cm up sew another line. This forms the casing for your elastic.

6. Cut your trim to be as wide as the towel, with a few cm overhang each end. Make it as wide as you like. I tend to do it as wide as the elastic casing we just made. My trim for this one was cut out of an old sheet! Just goes to show you can use what you’ve got!

7. Sew it on.

8. Thread your elastic through. I measure it on the person first, then add a few cms to allow for stitching it on.

9. Holding the elastic through by a cm or so at the end, sew down it to ensure it’s not going to slip back through. Once sewn, trim the elastic off at towel edge.

10. Using the trim overhang, fold over the elastic edge you just cut, and sew it over it, to cover it.

11. Cut out the straps. Use the same trim, or different trim, up to you. Cut out 2 rectangles, wide enough that when you sew them, you’re happy.

12. Fold them lengthwise, so the pattern is on the inside, and sew down the edge.

13. Turn them out the right way, easiest way is to use a safety pin and thread that inside.

14.  Work out where you want to put them, and sew 🙂

15. Add the velcro. I use a fairly long bit, so that it will last for a while, as the children grows bigger. Make sure to put the soft bit of velcro on the outside, so that if it rubs against the body, it won’t hurt!

This is how it looks so far, and you could leave it just like that if you wanted.

So option number 16. Add a pretty bow, or maybe an iron on motif down the bottom or something.

Ta-da! All finished.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and of course if you make one, please let me see! Post the link!!

Mrs K

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11 Responses

  1. Virginia Driver says:

    That is a fabulous idea my miss 6 would love that – though they don't have to walk from classroom to pool as they have changing rooms but will want to use it all the time – probably even as a dress.

  2. Ms Kate says:

    I made one to give to one of my daughter's friends for a present. She wears it around the house all the time, with her togs on underneath! Awesome way to stay cool 🙂

  3. Krystyn says:

    My mom made these for us when we were little!  And now I have one without straps for blow drying my hair…I love it.

  4. Ms Kate says:

    Must admit that I've been thinking about making me one for the beach!! I hate wandering around in togs!

  5. What an awesome tutorial! I know when my kids get older they’ll definitely need something like this!
    Thanks for linking up!

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