Secret Santa (Otherwise titled "How we tried to trick the kids into being happy with less presents, while saving ourselves money")

We have 5 kids. If each kid buys for each adult, and each kid, it is an insane amount of presents, and shopping time, and money. So this year, we’ve gone for something different.

We suggested a Secret Santa. We suggested it in such a way that the kids think it’s their idea.

We drew names out of a hat. No one could have their own name. They had a budget of $5 to go and buy the person a present. They’ve all had so much fun choosing a present, and wrapping it, and having a secret of who they are buying for.

It has worked well, and I suspect we’ll be doing it again in future years.

Mrs K

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6 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    We do it slightly differently: Everybody gets something from mum & dad worth about $20(but that’s very flexible). Then all the kids go to the $2 shop. 5 kids times 6 presents = $30. Plus the other one = $130.

  2. Ms Kate says:

    Oh sorry was just sharing how how to deal with the kids!

    We (being the parents) buy the kids one present each, usually about $50ish worth, then the Secret Santa thing. So we do spend a couple of hundred, but we started buy back in June, so not too bad!

  3. Emily says:

    Great idea. It all adds up pretty quickly, doesn’t it?

  4. Mrs K says:

    Sure does! I try and buy little things through the year to help, but the kids change interests so fast it’s sometimes not possible!

  5. MultipleMum says:

    We have been doing this for adults in the family for many years. It is great! I haven’t tried to introduce it to the kids yet (they are 3-7 years) but no doubt we will in time! I do love the headline! Thanks for Rewinding x

  6. Mrs K says:

    Yes I do it with my brother’s too, as we’re all grown up, but the kids really enjoyed it too – We will be doing it again!