Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about

  1. Sex. I don’t want anyone in real life knowing about my sex life. Even though it is good… *blush*
  2. My step-kids. I’ve had enough of the girl’s other familiy getting involved in my life about things they have nothing to do with. So I tend to refrain from talking about them. As they are a large part of my life, this isn’t fair, but wadda ya do?
  3. Bad things. I don’t very often talk about ‘bad’ things. I remember complaining about feeling sorry for myself, that was a totally ‘me, me’ post. I wrote about PTSD, that wasn’t a nice post. I wrote about bullying, that was probably the scariest post I’ve written so far.
  4. Mr S. I don’t tend to say much about him. I feel our relationship is between us, not up for public scrutiny, as such.
  5. My ex-husband. Kind of the same reason as above. Why we aren’t together, and all that stuff, is no one’s business but ours.

Idea from Daily Post

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